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Since the 1500's, Aztec gold has been the basis of adventure, mystery and myth. So has the speculation of the location of the mythical place of origin of the Aztec people known as Aztlan. Yet, many historians believe that the region in the vicinity of Rochester's Mina Real Property is a likely local.

" ... As the sun rose again as it had thousands of years before, the newly discovered Aztec Temple revealed yet another treasure. Carved on a wall in a secret chamber was a map of the region containing the familiar ancient symbol indicating the location of Aztec gold...."
It is with this sense of conviction that Rochester management chose to use this powerful symbol used by the Aztec people to indicate the location of gold and silver as the Company's logo. The symbol is a representation of the strategic importance we are placing on our Mina Real concessions located in the state of Nayarit.

The state of Nayarit is located in the Sierra Madre Occidental range which is the largest epithermal precious metal region in the world and hosts a majority of Mexico's gold and silver deposits.

Rochester's primary strategic objective to bring its Mina Real Project to production status has now been achieved. The crushing and grinding section of the mill is now operating at its initial design capacity and feeding the cyanide plant at the rate of 200 tonnes per day. The mill is expected to remain at this level until mid-2007. The mill will have a scaleable design to allow capacity to be increased to at least 300 tonnes/day with minimal additional cost.

The longer term strategy is to continue to acquire gold/silver properties located in Mexico with the indicated potential for near-term production in the range of 200-500 tonnes/day and good exploration potential for the generation of a significant resource base. Based on the results of bulk samples mined to date totaling just under 10,000 tonnes and the grades of the channel samples taken from development mining completed in 2006 on the Mina Real Project, management believes this strategic property has potential to produce a long-term revenue stream which would set the stage for the acquisition and development of a series of similar size mining and milling operations in the region.